You can order several of these guidebooks and many more (mostly US) titles are listed at the Adventurous traveler bookstore. From the UK you can try The Watershed for an extensive list of UK and European guidebooks.

The comments were written by paddlers who've actually tried to use the guidebooks unless otherwise stated. As with all such things the views expressed can be subjective.

If anyone has information on any other guidebooks or comments to add on those listed below, please mail me.

Region Southern Norway
Title  Elvepaddling
Author Nils Flakstad, Leif Ongstad
Publisher Norges Kayakk og Kanoforbund
Edition 1st (1987)
ISBN  82-90674-00-7
Comment  Excellent although now ageing guidebook. In dual English/Norwegian so prose is often quirky. Minimalist information and so very memorable, exactly what you want. Good hydro info because of the many Norwegian gauges. 


Region Nepal
Title  White Water Nepal
Author Peter Knowles, Dave Allardice
Publisher Menasha Ridge Press
Edition 1st (1992)
ISBN  0-89732-124-3
Comment  Good guidebook that suffers a little from being designed for both rafters and kayakers. The rafted sections seem to be consistantly overgraded. Lots of informative background to this fascinating country.


Region Costa Rica
Title  The Rivers of Costa Rica
Author Michael Mayfield, Rafael Gallo
Publisher Menasha Ridge Press
Edition 1st (1988)
ISBN  0-89732-083-2
Comment  A weak guidebook, it has suffered heavily from grade inflation. Quite raft oriented in places.


Region Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy
Title  White Water Europe (book 1, North Alps)
Author Peter Knowles, Bandtock
Publisher Menasha Ridge Press
Edition 1st (1996)
Comment  Another guide book in the Knowles style.


Region North East England
Title  A Canoeist's Guide to the North-East
Author Nick Doll
Publisher Cicerone press
Edition 1st (1991)
ISBN  1 8524 066 8
Comment  Just look at the retro photos ! Nice guidebook which includes some lesser known rivers.


Region France, Italy
Title  White Water Europe (book 2, South Alps)
Author Peter Knowles, Bandtock
Publisher Menasha Ridge Press
Edition 1st (1996)
ISBN  0-9519413-2-1
Comment  Another good guidebook in the classic Knowles style.


Region French alps
Title  Alpine White Water
Author Terry Storry
Publisher T.Storry, Pound House, Woodeaton, Oxford
Edition 2nd (1989)
Comment  The original french alps guidebook. A little dated, includes some classic "tall stories".


Region Austria, Bavaria
Title  Austria and Bavaria White Water Guide
Author Tony Ford
Publisher White water production
Edition 1988
Comment  Covers a wide area but the river descriptions are often terse. OK for recapping if you've been there already.


Region Scotland
Title  Scottish White Water
Author -
Publisher British Canoe Union
Edition 1986
Comment  Contains most of the standard sections with good river descriptions and maps.


Region New Zealand
Title  New Zealand Whitewater
Author Graham Charles 
Publisher -
Edition 1st (1996)
ISBN  0-908802-36-6
Comment  A good guidebook with much useful info. Note that the grading is real, not the usual guidebook/raft format. 2nd/3rd gorges on Hollyford have changed already.


Region Alaska
Title  Alaska, Fast and Cold
Author A. Embick
Publisher -
Edition -
Comment  Dubious for some of the grading, provides excellent information on river access etc. 


Region Hudson River, Atlantic Coast Eastern US
Title  Hudson River Watertrail Guide
Author Ian Giddy
Publisher Hudson River Watertrail Associaton (HRWA), Inc.
Edition 4th (1997) 
Comment  c/o HRWA; West 79th Street Boat Basin, Box 46, New York City, NY 10024 . HRWA Watertrail Guide covers the section of the tidal Hudson River from the Atlantic Ocean at New York City to Waterford, NY (140 miles) and the confluence of the Hudson River, Champlain and Erie Canals. Provides launch, camping, supplies, natural environment, history about the Hudson Esturary.  Not for sale - available only with membership.


Region Alaska
Title  The Alaska river guide
Author Karen Jettmar
Publisher Alaska Northwest Books
Edition 1st (1993)
ISBN  0-88240-430-x
Comment  A little basic, best for float trips.


Region Chile
Title  Rivers of Chile
Author Lars Holbek
Publisher Online
Edition 2nd 
Comment  Good, crisp river descriptions, a little short on maps.


Region California
Title  California Whitewater
Author Jim Cassady, Fryar Calhoun
Publisher North Fork Press
Edition 3rd (1995)
ISBN  0-9613650-2-1
Comment  The raft guide to California


Region California
Title  Guide to the Best Whitewater in the State of California
Author Lars Holbek, Chuck Stanley
Publisher Friends of the River Books
Edition 2nd (1998)
ISBN  0-9611524-0-0
Comment  The kayakers guide to California


Region Idaho
Title  Idaho, The Whitewater State, A Guidebook
Author Grant Amaral
Publisher Watershed Books, Box 721, Boise, Idaho 83701-0721
Edition 1990
ISBN  0-9622344-0-0
Comment  Excellent guidebook, covers entire state, for paddlers of all ability. Good maps, river levels and full river profiles.


Region Colorado
Title  The Floater's Guide to Colorado
Author Doug Wheat
Publisher Falcon Press Publishing Co., Inc., Billings and Helena, MT
Edition Third Printing - May 1989
ISBN  0-934318-16-6
Comment  Cheap, old style guide with lots of extra information/history. All the neccessary details, but requires much reading to get the basic information! Haven't paddled with it yet. Also published is: The Floater's Guide to Montana.


Region Colorado
Title  Colorado Rivers and Creeks
Author Gordon Banks & Dave Eckardt
Publisher Moenkopi Digital Formations, Boulder, Colorado
Edition 1995
ISBN 0-9645399-5-0
Comment  Nice looking, full colour, guide - worth buying just for the excellent and plentiful photos. All the neccessary details in an easily accessible format, even includes a restaraunt guide. Haven't paddled with it yet.


Region Alabama, West Virginia
Title  Southeastern Whitewater, Fifty of the Best River Trips from Alablama to West Virginia
Author Monte Smith
Publisher Pahsimeroi Press, P.O. Box 190442, Boise, Idaho, ID 83709
Edition 1995
ISBN  1-886694-00-1
Comment  This is an extremely thorough guidebook, that covers all of the regions basic runs in far too much detail. The Upper Gauley is classified V+ (a raft grading if ever I heard one) and the write-up makes it sound like the pinacle of all kayaking acheivement. All of the regions harder creek runs aren'tincluded. The author wrote an entire book about a new river rating system called the TRIP scale, included in this guidebook, but far too complicated to use. 


Region Kootenays, British Columbia
Title  Whitewater Trips and Hotsprings in the Kootenays of British Columbia
Author Betty Pratt Johnson
Publisher Adventure Publishing (Vancouver/Seattle)
Edition 3rd (?)
Comment  -


Region British Columbia
Title  Canadian Rockies Whitewater I: Southern Rockies
Author Stuart Smith
Publisher Headwaters Press Ltd., P.O. Box 849, Jasper, AB 
Edition 1st (1995)
ISBN  0-9699618-0-4
Comment  Haven't used this one yet but looks good.


Region British Columbia
Title  Canadian Rockies Whitewater II: Central Rockies
Author Stuart Smith
Publisher Headwaters Press Ltd., P.O. Box 849, Jasper, AB 
Edition 1st (1996)
ISBN  0-9699618-1-2
Comment  Haven't used this one yet but looks good.

Frazer Pearce, 5-Apr-98